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"For every hour a person invests in financial retirement planning, an equal amount of time should be spent on matters of wellness- emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual."


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Dale Fobian

Dale Fobian

Exiting the corporate stream in February 2018, Dale pursues his zeal to consult, facilitate, and coach in a variety of businesses, impacting a diverse spectrum of people. He has directly experienced many early exit adjustments that people typically face.

Dale is the lead facilitator and coach for time-to-retire. He is a Certified Professional Retirement Coach (USA) and registered Organisational Psychologist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (PS0144487).

Jean Archary

Jean Archary

Jean was raised by a single parent with 3 siblings. Having experienced loss of wealth early in her childhood, it made her determined to ensure that others do not suffer the same fate and are empowered with the knowledge they require to make wiser money decisions.

Jean is an associate of time-to-retire, author, and the director of Money Messages. She is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®, holds a post graduate diploma in Advanced Tax, a certified Workplace Coach, and a graduate in Psychology & Communication.

Anton Christie

Anton Christie

Retiring from corporate life in October 2013, Anton actively engages in the development of training programs, training material and facilitates training and coaching that meets best practise standards. He has 1st hand experience 'navigating' retiree transitions.

Anton is a senior facilitator and coach for time-to-retire. He is a Neuroleadership Group certified life coach, and accredited Assessor, Moderator, and Skills Development Practitioner with the South Africa Qualifications Authority.

Our Online Services

online coach

“Live your dream retirement”

This is an individual process encouraging you to deepen awareness, improve your experience, or enhance your quality of retirement through self-discovery and self-empowerment. The Retirement Coaching format is ideal for private individuals and/ or spouses approaching retirement.

Coaching key take-aways:

  • a private and customised interactive process lead by a personal coach
  • a retirement wellness plan that summarises critical actions for a new future

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online coach

“Make sure you get there financially”

To achieve financial wellness, we must have the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to apply as well as an understanding of our relationship with money. Together, this gives us the best possible chance at building, managing, and maintaining wealth.

Financial wellness key take-aways:

  • an online approach allowing individuals to progress at their own pace
  • tools and support to assist you and your family achieving financial wellness

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online program

“Have the right conversations with your family”

Family communication is so important, we have dedicated a specialised service offering on the topic. Using © Insights Explore personality profiles, we deepen your understanding of your and others communication preferences. The Family Communication format is ideal for individuals and/ or families facing retirement.

Communication key take-aways:

  • a personal © Insights Explore profile of your personality and communication preferences
  • an interactive communication development process for diverse personalities

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online program

"Share and learn about transition with a group"

Facilitated by professionals, you will increase your preparedness for important transitions when retiring. Each subject area is full of information and engaging exercises that deepen meaning and insight. The program is customised for organisations who have groups of employees approaching retirement.

Program key take-aways:

  • small group collaboration and peer learning
  • a retirement wellness plan that summarises critical actions for a new future

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